Northwind fans...  Well they are not the most desirable of all antique fans, but they have a unique appeal to me.  I don't know if it was the RPM's, the sound, or that faint smell of burnt carbon, but I realized that these fans have a special place in my fan fascinated heart.  It has been fun to compile this information on them.  Not just because I am interested in these fans, but because I had a chance to interact with people who are interested in them too.  Thanks to everyone who provided information.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  If you have any additional information that you'd like to contribute, email me. Larry Hancock

Northwind Timeline

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The information above was release in 1929.

Type 44

Type 44 Line began in 1916 with the introduction of the model 44A.  They were manufactured through 1926 ending with model 44H or 44. (my sources are inconclusive)  All these models were 8 inch, non-oscillating, 2 speed fans.  They were painted in a solid gold color.

Type 450

Type 450 Line began in 1917 with the introduction of the model 450A.  The models with letter suffixes were manufactured through 1929 ending with model 450M after that the letters were dropped and there was a number added to the badge that I believe dates the fans like many other Emerson's, the number +20 example a number 10 would have been built in 1930.

These fans were manufactured as 10", 3 speed, oscillators.  Although all were oscillators, some had what is known as the "Ball Detent" oscillating mechanism.  These fans were also manufactured to run on different voltages like the Type 44 models, some ran on 110V AC/DC still others were made for 32V DC.  They all had painted steel blades with black bases.

Type 444

Type 444 Line began in 1926 with the introduction of the model 444A.  They were manufactured through 1928 ending with model 444C.  These fans were manufactured as 8", 2 speed, non-oscillators.  These fans were manufactured to run on 110V AC/DC.  They all had painted gold blades with black bases.

Type 55

Type 55 Line began in 1928 .  They were manufactured through 1930.  These fans were manufactured as 8", single speed, non-oscillators.  These fans were manufactured to run on 110V AC/DC.  They all had off-white colored blades with a variety of colors available on the bases.


Northwind Misc. Information

Differences in badges (click on a picture for more detail)

1. Note the 32 Volts marking on the 44B badge.

2. Note that the name "Northwind is different on some of these badges.

    (Whether it be the tail or the script)

3. Note that the Type 44 doesn't have Emerson anywhere on it.

Differences in oscillators (Type 450 "Ball Detent" vs. Regular/Non-adjustable)

Differences in neck sizes (Type 450)

Notice the first one is more rounded than the second.

Another note on the 450's is the fact that the early ones had no vent holes in the motor.

Differences in blade edges (44)  44A blades were more like scaled down versions of the old pizza slice style blade, while all 44's afterward had round edges.

Differences in voltages (32Volt DC vs. 110Volt AC/DC)

1. Type 44's and 450's are only Northwinds I know of to have the 32 volt option, if one surfaces let me know!


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Northwind Project Credits

Thanks to the following people for their assistance:

Dr. Bill Hoehn - Timeline info

Steve Cunningham - Catalog info

Darryl Hudson - Production dates and Model numbers

Jim McCarter - Photos, Production dates, Model numbers